is an innovative heating technology, which changes a house wall into an active building envelope.

Concealed radiators are a new way of implementing the idea of ecological wall heating, which used to be difficult and expensive.


Thanks to the fact that the radiator is completely concealed in a plasterwork layer, it generates heat through the wall and separates you from the cold. No air convection means lower stack losses and many health and aesthetic benefits.

Easy mounting and universality of the fitting allows for usage in rooms of every kind. The system is compatible with all heat sources and does not generate any additional installation costs.

Designed for drywall and in-situ installation, the radiator will adjust to every interior and will be compatible with every standard central heating installation.

Concealed radiators are an opportunity to install a wall heating system at a price similar to that of a conventional floor heating system.


Do you dream of a house without radiators disfiguring the wall?
We have designed the 3THERMO concealed radiator for you.
It is a radiator that… is invisible.


Are you looking for an economic heating system for your house?
The 3THERMO concealed radiator guarantees cheaper operation and increased efficiency.


Are you concerned about the safety of your house and your family?
The 3THERMO concealed radiator is completely fault-free. Its anti-flooding technology eliminates the risk of a water leak, even when the radiator has been mechanically damaged.


Do you value your family’s health and your own above everything else?
We do too, and that is why the 3THERMO concealed radiator prevents dust and allergens from circulating in heated rooms. It does not dry the air, but it dries the walls, thus preventing moisture.


Do you care about the planet in which we live?
We do too! That is why the 3THERMO concealed radiator is made of aluminium that is fully recyclable.


Unsure if your radiator will be compatible with your furnace?
Our product is compatible with every heat source and every control system; central heating installation is available.

Concealed radiators guarantee the cheapest functionality and the best form of surface heating!

Pleasant heat radiation in the winter and heat absorption in the summer - all of that without the system components being visible.

No more unsightly radiators hanging on the walls.

No more harmful air conditioners.

Time for 3THERMO – free and unlimited interior design.


Place the 3THERMO heater in a layer of plaster and it will distribute heat from the central heating system underneath.

It is the cheapest and simplest form of wall heating.

It changes the wall into an active thermal barrier with an enormous ability to accumulate energy.

No dust accumulates on 3THERMO heaters, you don’t need to clean it so it is a perfect way of heating for each allergy sufferer.

It prevents the formation of fungi and moulds and, additionally, it always keeps the natural humidity in the room.

3THERMO - the latest generation of wall heating.

3THERMO is a completely new heating technique. The innovative radiator solution changes the method and efficiency of heat transfer by limiting its losses. Because of that, the system can generate savings at the level of 40-50% energy in comparison to convection solutions. New requirements concerning building envelopes in the housing and the industrial construction branches are revolutionary. The universal structure and their multiple applications mean that you will not need anything else.

All you need is 3THERMO.


to be mounted on a brick wall under a plasterwork layer
to be mounted into a plasterboard wall
concealed in a concrete board mounted on an existing wall

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