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Using cookies files

A webside of 3THERMO takes every means which are necessary for making of our service easier for each user in przegolądania strony. That's why in care of our user's safety and comfort, we are informed that during of browsing of our website you accept on using cookies by our web service. There is a possibility of using of webside without using of cookies mechanizm, but it can cause, that some functionalities or services will not work properly. If you are not agree of using cookie files, you should check in options of your browser an option of reject cookie files or signal of sending them.

What are cookie files?

Cookie files are a small text files which are stored on your computer. These files are giving a possibility of saving flow o information beetwen websides and browser. They are served a lot of functions, which have effect on your comfort and safety of browsing websides. They are making easier of navigate on the webside and rationalize of websides's work and help of making a webside safer.

Managing of cookie files from a browser

In default, webside broswers are accepting cookies files. User have a possibility to change default settings until fully blocking them. In a matter making of changes, used from options Help in the webside's menu.


3THERMO's webside is using cookie files and switched them off may caused problems with webside's properly functionality.

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